We are seeing historically high calf prices.  So is now the time to reinvest back into the cowherd?  Yes and Yes again!  Set yourself up for long-term success now while prices are hot!  Join Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt, the Boss Lady Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’, and our crew as we bring you the latest in markets, news, and Western entertainment on this all-new episode of the Ranch It Up Radio Show.   

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Let’s Ranch it Up!  Have you been watching the prices of cattle and calves lately?  We know you have!  And congratulations for finally getting the prices we all deserve.  Beef is king!  But have you thought about what you are going to do in the future?  One year, five years, and ten years down the road?  Now is the perfect time to set your operation up for the best possible success in the future.  Take the time to evaluate the cowherd.  Cull the necessary cows and bulls and reinvest in genetics you can count on and are in demand.  We hear from Allied Genetic Resources and Marty Ropp about the fall sales, market outlook, and how to make those hard genetic decisions.   Plus we recap the Big Horn Classic Sale from Superior Livestock, have market summaries, and lots lots more!  We have it all for you in this jam-packed episode of The Ranch It Up Radio Show!  As always Tigger & BEC and the Ranch It Up crew dive into the latest agriculture news, rodeo action not to miss, and cover the cattle markets.


The Allied approach combines consistent genetic value improvement with services to reward producers for making better cattle. Allied services are designed primarily for commercial customer success with practical genetic solutions applied to your specific production system needs.

The seedstock industry’s only purpose is to drive genetic change in the commercial cattle industry by breeding and developing bulls with balanced traits and bred-in profit drivers that add value at the ranch and beyond. Their efforts and dedication are vital to an industry challenged with producing a product that must excel in varying environments, with differing management practices, balanced with maternal and terminal requirements, all while performing in the feedlot and consistently delivering an enjoyable eating experience for the consumer. Not an easy job to say the least.

You’ve worked for years, in some cases for generations, at constant genetic improvement. It would be hard to measure the time and money you’ve invested in genetics to ensure your commercial customers can confidently buy the bulls you produce each year. But that alone is not enough to differentiate you from your competition. In today’s ever-increasingly competitive seedstock business, you’ve got to offer customer service after the sale, including marketing options for your bull customers to capture the value they’ve invested in from your program. That’s where Allied can deliver solutions…

Allied values its relationship with Superior Livestock Auction, providing its bull customers with greater access to the nation’s largest buyer base and the risk management of forward contracting. Clint Berry has worked with buyers and sellers of high-quality cattle for more than a decade, building a solid reputation with ranchers and feeders. Along with his growing team of Superior Livestock reps, strategically distributed throughout cattle country, Clint works daily in the market to build the supply and the demand for load lots of cattle, with added value options that deliver profit throughout each segment of the industry.


  • Recaps from the Big Horn Classic Sale

  • 217,4000 cattle sold from 32 states

  • Next sale is the Superior Livestock Labor Day Sale September 6, 7


Marty Ropp

Allied Genetic Resources



Kirk Donsbach: Stone X Financial



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