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It started in 1948, a dedication to the cattle business and a desire to improve the genetics being offered.  Today Prairie Hills Gelbvieh is on top of their game raising sought after Gelbvieh, Balancer and Red Angus Genetics. We head to Gladstone, North Dakota, home of Prairie Hills Gelbvieh to hear how technology and genetic information has propelled this Western North Dakota Ranch to providing the very bulls and females for their customers.  

The United States Department of Agriculture launches a new remote grading pilot program for beef cattle.  We have all the details listed below. Short on hay? Check out LivestockMarket and their upcoming hay auction.  And as always we have the latest market reports and recaps from Kirk Donsbach with Stone X Financial, Inc. along with news and updates you need to hear.  It’s all covered on this brand new episode of The Ranch It Up Radio Show!


Prairie Hills Gelbvieh was started in 1985 by Galen and Marcia Sickler with the purchase of two heifers from the Black Hills Stock Show. Later that spring more heifers were purchased from Taucks Gelbvieh and cows from Weber Gelbvieh. We have always tried to have a combination of performance with style. With that in mind DBC Grizzly Bear was purchased in Denver. He was one of the first polled show bulls in the breed with high performance. Later TAU Issac was added to the herd bull battery. He became a trait leader in yearling and weaning weight.

Over the years, many of our goals and selections have remained the same with some changes being made to fit our environment and the changes in the beef industry. We still select for easy fleshing, thick cattle that are structurally sound and can adapt to our dry range conditions. With the fluctuations in the cattle market, only 1 constant remains – pounds pay! Performance is a must, but on a moderate framed animal.

These are the traits that give us the type of cattle we are raising today. Herd bulls like RWG Exact Combination 7409, MCCA Gunner 947G, PHG Paycheck C24, MDR N.H. Blackout 7412E, BLB Grinder 39G, DVE Davidson Howard 3E, and PHG Hamilton H10 are giving us the type of calves that come easy, yet wean off over 800 pounds.

In 2007 we welcomed our son Klint and his wife Maralee Sickler to the ranch. Their purchase of the original homestead has allowed us to expand the cow herd and take our program to the next level.

We pride ourselves on producing cattle that meet the needs of commercial cattlemen and seedstock producers, while providing outcross genetics in an eye appealing package.


USDA Launches Remote Grading Pilot For Beef

According to Beef Magazine, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a pilot program to allow more cattle producers and meat processors to access better markets through the USDA’s official beef quality grading and certification. The Remote Grading Pilot for Beef, developed by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, matches simple technology with robust data management and program oversight to allow a USDA grader to assess beef carcass characteristics and assign the official quality grade from a remote location, reducing costs and location as barriers to participation in voluntary grading services.

In this pilot, trained plant employees capture specific images of the live animal and beef carcass. These images are submitted electronically to a USDA grader already stationed elsewhere in the U.S., likely located in another rural community, who reviews the images and accompanying plant records and product data, assigns the USDA Quality Grade and applicable carcass certification programs, and communicates the official grade back to the plant to be applied to the carcass. Plants can then use this information in their retail marketing and transmit carcass performance information back to producers.  

For the complete article, Click HERE

El Nino Impact Through The Rest Of The Winter

A moderate to strong El Nino-driven weather pattern remains in control across the Northern Hemisphere. An unseasonably mild spell of weather through much of the month of December extended across much of the Heartland. However, it was a stormy and excessively wet weather-related setup that impacted much of the eastern states, resulting in flooding in the Northeast and New England. Meanwhile, pockets of drought improvement were noted over the central sections of the Winter Wheat Belt, namely in Kansas. Thus far, however, precipitation during California’s typical wet season has been disappointing. Snow totals across the Sierra Nevada range are running not even half of what they should be for the time of year. The water equivalency of snowpack remains at less than 25% of normal. This is a key parameter in determining runoff prospects and forecasting reservoir levels used in the Central Valley.

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Clear Springs Cattle Company: February 9, 2024, Starbuck, Minnesota

Prairie Hills Gelbvieh: February 10, 2024, Gladstone, North Dakota

Wasem Red Angus: February 15, 2024, Richardton, North Dakota

Mason Angus & SimAngus: March 2, 2024, Broken Bow, Nebraska


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