Join me Jeff Tigger Erhardt, the Boss Lady Rebecca Wanner aka Bec, and my crew as we go on the farm and ranch and talk about biosecurity and at a perfect time because lots of the news right now is talking about that very issue. It’s all right here on The Ranch It Up Radio Show! As global populations continue to expand and demand for food rises, the importance of biosecurity on farms cannot be overstated. The health and safety of livestock and crops are imperative in meeting the needs of our growing population and ensuring sustainable agriculture practices. Biosecurity measures are essential in preventing the spread of diseases and pests, managing the quality and safety of our food supply, and protecting our environment. 

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Let’s Ranch it Up! There have been news headlines about BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), and what effect this could have on the ranch, farm, or livestock operation.  So now is the perfect time to address biosecurity on the farm and ranch.  And we are talking about those enemies that we can’t see with the naked eye.  Regardless if you think this affects your operation or not, it is an economic factor that needs to be reviewed and calculated when determining your ranch or farm’s bottom line. Profits to be made, losses to be lowered; a win-win to not overlook. And you want solutions?  We provide solutions and answer those questions that many have asked.  As always Tigger & BEC’s crew dive into the latest agriculture news, rodeo action to not miss, and cover the cattle markets.

Biosecurity on the Ranch or Farm

When we hear biosecurity, we may think about infiltration, sabotage, and/or espionage.  We are not necessarily meaning the 2 legged invaders, but rather those that we can’t see with the naked eye.  This is an animal welfare issue and an economic issue.  And it’s becoming more and more important all the time as our consumers tell us what is important to them. Health herd for your cattle, horses and other livestock; impacts all financials of the operation. We learn the risks, benefits, and solutions of how to prevent catastrophic scenarios due to disease.


  • Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy has been detected in a cow in South Carolina.  This was an atypical case and did not enter the food chain.  Protocols were in place and worked!
  • What would happen if the African Swine Fever hits the United States?  Experts say we need to prepare because it could greatly affect us in the beef business as well.
  • USDA could get lots of its funding cut.  Find out from where.

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