Join me Jeff Tigger Erhardt, the Boss Lady Rebecca Wanner aka Bec, and my crew as we use genomics to add value to those upcoming feeder calves and those calves in the future. Cattle genomics has numerous applications, such as identifying the genes responsible for specific traits, such as milk production or meat quality, and developing breeding strategies to increase these traits. It can also be used to identify and manage genetic diseases, improve the efficiency of feed conversion and reduce emissions, and make more informed decisions regarding animal health and welfare. Advances in cattle genomics are rapidly leading to the development of new technologies and strategies for improving the quality and quantity of cattle production, and thus benefitting the agricultural industry and society as a whole. And we have the latest news and market info you have come to rely on.  It’s all right here on The Ranch It Up Radio Show!

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Let’s Ranch it Up! Everyone is trying to capture as many dollars as possible as feeder prices continue to climb higher.  But what could the fall bring us?  That is a long way away yet.  Let Igenity Beef and Genomics from Neogen help add value to your calves.  And not just this year, but years to come.  Take the guesswork out of which cows produce the best.  This is great news for commercial producers.  Take advantage today with genomics from Neogen!  We are so glad to have them back on the program.   As always Tigger & BEC’s crew dive into the latest agriculture news, rodeo action to not miss, and cover the cattle markets.

Using Genomics To Help Market Feeder Cattle

The program is called Igenity Beef.  And once you start finding out which calves are the better and best performers, you can add the title of Igenity Branded to your calves profile and information this fall!  These Igenity Branded calves are bringing top dollar at the sale barn, and the time to get involved is now! 

Cattle genomics is the study of the genetic makeup of cattle. It involves the identification and analysis of the genetic variations that exist within and between breeds of cattle, with the aim of improving the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of livestock production


  • Proposition 12 update from California.  After a United States Supreme Court ruling, all pork products sold in California must meet the requirements of Proposition 12 starting in July, unless ongoing efforts to delay the implementation are successful.   
  • California passes bill to ban chemicals in food processing. The California Assembly passed a bill that bans potentially harmful chemicals in foods. The bill, which is the first of its kind in the United States, passed by a 54-11 vote.
  • Beyond Meat finds itself in financial trouble.  Beyond is looking to raise as much as $200 million in an equity offering as the plant-based protein company deals with slumping sales and diminished cash reserves.

Sale Barn Reports

  • Farmers & Ranchers Livestock, Salina, KS      @farmersandrancherslivestock
  • Rezac Livestock Commission Company, St. Mary’s, KS       


Tanner King
Feedlot Business Development Manager, Neogen
Mark VanZee
Livestock Market

Kirk Donsbach: Stone X Financial

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