Flies are here! Are you searching ‘How to get rid of flies?’. Here are your solutions. Hear Part 2 of this special 2-part series on how to identify what fly is biting your investment, their economic impact, and how to deal with these pesky buggers!  Hear the latest market information and news from cow country!  Join Jeff “Tigger” Erhardt and Rebecca Wanner aka BEC on the Ranch It Up Radio Show!

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Let’s Ranch it Up! The next season cattle producers and feedlots should be concerned with is upon us. Regardless if you think this affects your operation or not, it is an economic factor that needs to be reviewed and calculated when determining your ranch or farm’s bottom line. Profits to be made, losses to be lowered; a win-win to not overlook. And you want solutions?  We provide solutions and answer those questions that many have asked.  As always Tigger & BEC’s crew dive into the latest agriculture news, rodeo action to not miss, and cover the cattle markets.

Flies (Diptera Insect Family)

None of us like dealing with a single Fly or any Flies. Well, it is fly season! If they are not in your neck of the woods yet, they darn sure will be. Listen in on how to deal with them, identify them, and the economic impact of NOT dealing with them! 

With the heat, green grass, sunshine; though welcomed, brings about all the insects. Often overlooked are cattle.  External parasites, such as flies are some of the most troublesome. Beef cattle performance in several areas can be affected, even reduced as a result of flies. For example, if cattle are busy swatting flies while trying to graze, then those cattle are not eating grass or forages properly. Then the importance of understanding which flies are pestering the herd. There are flies that feed on the blood of cattle, others attracted to a cow, bull or calf’s normal eye or nose secretions. As well as the flies that lay eggs on our cattle and other livestock, that in turn develop into grubs under their hide or skin. Lastly, there is the fear of disease spreading from one animal to another. These reasons and more are why understanding fly nuisances, fly identifications, and fly control methods are part of any successful livestock, cattle or production management plan. This episode explains further how a working ranch or successful farmer includes Fly Control as part of  ‘Best Practice’ initiatives with the goal being herd longevity.


  • The U.S. Supreme Court Upholds California’s Proposition 12.  Many have asked about “Proposition 12”.  What is it, and could it affect the cattle industry?  California said, yes, we are going forward with “Proposition 12”!  Hog producers beware!!
  • The World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. Know what to expect when Miles City, Montana for this event becomes the Rodeo Capital of the World. Learn where to get tickets and more. Pack the bags, and plan to join Tigger & BEC in Miles City, Montana!


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World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale
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PART 1 of 2 Part Series – Fly Control

Part one dives into what and how flies affect your breakeven. Often producers, both ranchers and farmers, underestimate the damage that flies do to our cattle. These insects often are overlooked as not just a nuisance but also hurt your cow herd profit margin and the longevity of your livestock assets. Part 1 dives into the basics. Makes one aware of what to look for, and how to analyze and then begins laying the foundation to fix.

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