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Your Best Shot at Strategic Trace Mineral Supplementation for Cattle

Supports Cattle Health and Reproduction

Multimin® 90 is a unique injectable solution containing zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium, proven to support cattle health and reproduction. Research shows that strategic trace mineral supplementation enhances breeding success, healthy calving, and improved immunity.

Successful Breeding

Using Multimin 90 improves trace mineral status in breeding stock, leading to more calves in fewer days.

Healthy Calving

Third-trimester injections improve cow-to-calf trace mineral transfer and colostrum quality, especially when used with a scours vaccine.

Enhanced Immunity

Multimin 90 boosts vaccine protection and strengthens the immune response when integrated into a vaccination protocol.

Why Is Trace Mineral Supplementation Necessary?

Inadequate trace mineral status in cattle can lead to suppressed immune function, lower fertility, and decreased growth. Oral nutrition programs face challenges such as:

  • Antagonists in water/feed binding minerals in the rumen, limiting absorption
  • Variation in intake among cattle
  • Increased mineral demand during stressful events, which oral minerals cannot quickly me

How Does Multimin 90 Work?

Multimin 90 complements an oral nutrition program by rapidly increasing zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium levels in cattle during high-demand periods. Administered via subcutaneous injection, it reaches peak levels in the blood within 8-10 hours and is stored in the liver for later use.

Benefits of Strategic Supplementation with Multimin 90

  • Rapid peak plasma levels within 8-10 hours
  • Bypasses rumen antagonists
  • Ensures consistent supplementation for every animal injected
  • Can be used during high-demand periods like calving, breeding, vaccination, and transportation

When to Use Multimin 90

Cows and Heifers

  • Last trimester of pregnancy
  • 30 days pre-breeding or at CIDR insertion (11 days before AI)


  • Weaning
  • 90 days post-weaning
  • 45-60 days prior to breeding season


  • Branding/first vaccination
  • Weaning/preconditioning


  • At processing

How to Use Multimin 90

  • Consult your veterinarian and follow label directions.
  • Multimin 90 has a 14-day pre-slaughter withdrawal and 0-day milk withdrawal.
  • Calculate the correct dosage based on the animal’s weight.
  • Maximum volume per injection site is 7 mL.
  • Follow Beef Quality Assurance guidelines for proper subcutaneous injections.

By strategically using Multimin 90, cattle producers can enhance herd health, reproduction, and immunity, leading to better productivity and success.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION FOR MULTIMIN® 90: Not for use in humans, keep out of reach of children. Multimin 90 has a pre-slaughter withdrawal time of 14 days after injection. Do not use it during the first trimester of pregnancy or in pre-ruminant calves as safety has not been established. Selenium and copper are toxic if administered in excess and may lead to sudden death, depression, weakness, ataxia, salivation, and drooling. Do not use concurrently with other selenium or copper injections or boluses. Maximum volume per injection site is 7 mL. Allow a minimum of 30 days before considering repeat dosing. See prescribing information.

Introduction to Lactipro®

Lactipro® is a rumen-native probiotic containing a live, stable strain of Megasphaera elsdenii (Mega e®), an effective lactic acid utilizer. It helps cattle producers maintain healthy rumen pH and improve profitability by accelerating finishing diets and reducing post-terminal processing mortality.

Key Benefits of Lactipro®

  • Shortens step-up period by 50% or more
  • Reduces post-terminal processing performance losses
  • Supports rumen health in hospital cattle

Lactipro® promotes rumen health during transitions to higher-grain diets, grazing crop residue, and as bulls move to higher energy diets during development.

How Does Lactipro® Work?

Naturally occurring Mega e takes weeks to handle grain-based diets effectively. Fast-growing bacteria produce excessive lactic acid, lowering rumen pH and causing health issues like acidosis. Lactipro® introduces Mega e directly into the rumen, consuming lactic acid and producing butyric acid, which promotes cell growth and better VFA absorption.

The Importance of Mega e Strain

MS Biotec’s patented Mega e strain is selected for its:

  • Rapid growth and resilience
  • Production of butyric acid
  • Compatibility with feed additives
  • Enhanced rumen fermentation with other microbials

Two Formulations of Lactipro®


An easy-to-use drench available in 200 mL and 1,000 mL pouches, ideal for processing multiple cattle.


A small capsule in a 25-capsule resealable pouch, perfect for individual animals or small groups.


Both formulations provide equal bacterial counts and are effective, with an extended shelf life requiring refrigeration. LactiproFLX comes in three types:

  • Dairy – for beef cows
  • Feedlot – for feedlot cattle and developing bulls
  • Calf – for young calves

Use Cases

Accelerated Step-Up

Shortens step-up period by 50% or more for a faster diet transition.

Terminal Processing

Reduces post-terminal processing performance losses.

Other Use Cases

Supports rumen health during diet transitions, grazing, and bull development phases.

Integrating Lactipro® ensures a healthier rumen, leading to better overall cattle health and profitability.


ISA Beefmasters: October 5, 2024, San Angelo, Texas


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